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Unlock your dog's full potential with effective, gentle, canine chiropractic care.

Effective + Gentle + Non-Invasive

Dr Kevin is a certified Veterinary Chiropractor trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of neuro-musculoskeletal imbalances in dogs. He uses non-invasive manual techniques as well as InfraRed Laser therapy to help your dog feel it's best and to retain optimal health. 

If your priority for your dog is gentle, effective health care, Dr. Kevin is here to help.

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Creating happier, healthier dogs,
one spine at a time.

There is a vast difference between treating the effects and adjusting the cause.

What is Canine Chiropractic?

At The K9 Chiropractor, we believe in a holistic, medication-free approach to treating neuromusculoskeletal imbalances in dogs. These imbalances can present themselves in a multitude of ways, amongst them:

an uneven/loping gait

 a change in temperament

loss of bowel/bladder control

decreased appetite


poor sleep patterns

tenderness or sensitivity of certain areas

a change in head or tail carriage

We are committed to helping your dog live it's fullest and best life with non-invasive treatments that address their unique needs. Dr. Kevin is dedicated to providing the highest quality care, Let us help you unlock your dog's full potential.

What can we expect at our first Chiropractic visit?

All new patients are required to email the clinic a brief video (no longer than one minute in duration) of your dog walking or trotting while out on a walk.  The video must be received at least one day prior to your Initial visit, do that Dr. Kevin has adequate time to review the footage.

At your first visit, Dr Kevin take a detailed medical history, in addition to reviewing the video footage you have provided and discuss any abnormalities or areas of concern if any are apparent. This will be followed by an examination of your dog which will include:

-a standing and sitting postural assessment.

- a spinal examination

-an extremity examination 

A review of the examination findings will be given and a plan of management with be outlined to you and if appropriate your dog will then receive it's first treatment. The treatment may consist of chiropractic adjustments, infrared laser therapy or possibly both.



Will my dog be in discomfort?

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What is Infrared Laser?

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